Alex K. Lee

Long time listener, first time caller coder.


Yabber is a clone of Microsoft's Yammer, an Enterprise Social Network designed to help companies openly connect and engage across the organization.

Fight the Power

FTP is a lightweight CRM tool for protest organizers to communicate with fellow activists through SMS messages.

Speech Bubbles

Speech Bubbles is an interactive data visualization application that takes a user input string of words and renders a bubble cluster representing the frequency of usage of the corresponding words.


Hi there! I'm Alex Lee, a web developer with experience in Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, and MERN. Before I turned to the darkside of software engineering, I worked for several years on the business side of the tech world, interfacing with customers and learning about what they really care about from the software they use. I want to leverage these skills and build software that makes users excited.



Don't be a stranger! Please feel free to reach out regarding career opportunities, networking, questions, or just to say, "hello"!